Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Way Out

A Way Out

The first verse of Jacques Brel's song "If We Only Have Love" ends with this lyric:
"If we only have love for the hymn that we shout,
for the song that we sing,
then we'll have a way out."*

A way out! A way out of what? How about a way out of life-leaching fear – the mass hypnosis that has gripped our minds and hearts and bodies and souls for millennia; the 'born in sin' factor; the resignation to the inevitability of illness and violence and suffering and pain; the on-going ache weaving through the human condition that in the 21st Century has culminated in the proliferation of technologically sophisticated communication systems that bombard us relentlessly with fear of everything from the flu season to terrorist attacks. The spin holds us all within its sway, until we feel a way out. And it's here – always. A way out.

To quote Marianne Williamson's inspiring words: "We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us. It's in everyone. "And as we're making it our business to manifest this glory, this divine spirit within us, the fear dissipates. As we're accepting as Truth Jesus' words: "Even greater things than I do, shall you do", we are donning a mantel that transports us beyond fear. We're all here for a purpose, and, very basically, that is to love and care and share joy each in our own way. From there our unique creativity gushes forth. This is Truth. This is Love. This is a way out.

*Mort Shuman and Eric Blau provided the English translations of Brel's songs for the extraordinary musical "Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris".