Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Some Call It Love

I feel that our major job here is to be a blessing. I feel that we are all Light Beings. “Matter is energy. Energy is Light. We are all Light Beings.” (Albert Einstein) I also feel that we provide blessings to all by sharing the Light that’s ever present in our hearts. Some call it Love. 

So this morning I’m writing in my little corner and I hear a really loud ambulance siren. In the past it’s been my pattern to send Light to whomever was in trouble at the other end of that siren. 

Today, there was another layer to that blessing. Sound is Light also, and I suddenly became aware of the service that this harsh, strident, screeching, piercing, shrill, grating siren is providing. 

It’s for all of us to perk up and pay attention and envision the siren (the Sound of Light) saturating the ambulance’s destination – the site and all the people involved – with the healing power of Light. 

Some call it Love.