Friday, May 9, 2014

Gratitude – The Download

Gratitude has been the cornerstone of my life for many years and was the title of my first cassette recording. I had come through an arduous physical ordeal, and wanted to thank everyone who had helped me to recover. Singing for them seemed like a good idea, so with Richard Shulman, at keyboards (also creating arrangements) and Ron Young on guitar, accompanying his own original pieces, “Children of Light” and “Prince of Peace”, we recorded some songs I was currently singing a lot in a little studio in Soho.
The year was 1985. Another lifetime ago!

We gave it to lots of people and ultimately it ended up on The New Age Market. Recently it occurred to us to make “Gratitude” available for download at CDBaby. 

I’m thrilled to say that that has happened and I invite you to come and listen and download “Gratitude” – 
Hope you enjoy!