Friday, March 30, 2007

The Inspiring Elizabeth Edwards

I was so touched by Elizabeth Edwards Sunday night on 60 Minutes. To me, this beautiful woman is the embodiment of courage and wisdom. In the midst of her current health challenge, she's glowing. I'm very grateful that she's so visible and feel she's being a terrific role model for many.

Having traveled this path myself, I feel that we must do whatever needs to be done to care for our precious bodies when they're hosting critical disease, while, simultaneously, honoring our lives and all that we love and cherish. It seems that Elizabeth is doing just that. Obviously she'll receive the best of care at all times, but the most valuable course she's taking, in my opinion, is that she's embracing her life with passion and purpose. We are ultimately spirit beings running around in these physical bodies, and Elizabeth Edwards' spirit seems vibrantly alive and very well to me. This radiance and zest for life could very well propel her into being triumphant over any disease in her body. This is my prayer for her.

Elizabeth Hepburn's victory over cancer shifted her career from musical theatre to the healing arts. She is now a Wellness Facilitator and through her programs and recordings she sets the stage to invigorate the magnificent healing power within us all.