Thursday, December 10, 2015

Love in our Society

I was about to name this piece Violence in our Society, but no. That word alone elicits such dark energy and we need Great Light at this time. Due to two healing experiences in my life – healings that delivered me back to vibrant aliveness instead of into a grave - I've become a staunch advocate of this Energy that we all share. I'm talking about the Universal Energy within which we all live every second of our lives. It moves the tides in the oceans, blooms the flowers in Spring, beats our hearts and breathes us, to name just a few of its life sustaining attributes. 

Each and every one of us is responsible for the Energy in and around our bodies. We create the quality of this Energy by the thoughts we're thinking and the feelings they engender.

Currently, it's seems our World has gone mad. And though I'm acutely aware that the majority of the peoples on the Planet are loving, caring and compassionate, our minds and hearts and souls have been being assaulted by fear and confusion. Now, right now, we must take a stand for Love. Not romantic love, but the essential Energy of the Universe, Love.

We simply cannot afford to be drawn into the anger and hatred that's being spewed forth. Honor your precious Energy and use It only for good. There's a wealth of goodness around us at all times, we need to tune into that. If you're still watching the news, be there and send Love out to whatever you're viewing. Feel that there's a powerful flow of Love pouring from your chest cavity (metaphysically referred to as the Heart Center). Commit yourself to that Love – live there. Decide to be a blessing everyday, wherever you go. In our own corner of Life we can be adding Light to the darkness relentlessly. Every little bit helps.

We are Body/Mind/Spirit Beings. Choose now to emphasize Spirit – that's the most important part and will guide you to the actions your body must take. And, use your brilliant mind to Imagine. We can be healing our World unceasingly by visualizing Peace – praying for Peace – meditating for Peace. John said it in the '70's: "Imagine all the people living life in Peace". Let us please Imagine. Let us be The Love. This is our job right now. Accept the mantel.