Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wonder of Wonders

“A willingness to be still and feel the Wonder, works wonders.”

These words came to me the other day. I was very Greatful* and knew I was to share them. 

We’ve all been given this wondrous gift – the ability to choose. And the gifts that emerge from our choice ‘to be still’ are boundless. Choosing stillness and dropping into Wordlessnss within, as Martha Beck encourages in her fabulous book “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World”, are two of the most salubrious and delicious things we can do for ourselves. In our tenaciously raucous world, this is not always easy, however, it is simple. Sit or lie down, making yourself as comfortable as possible, close your eyes, and notice your breathing – the inhale, the exhale – and choose for the breathing to be more and more easeful. As you’re letting the breath relax you, feel your beating heart and slowly become aware of the pulsations all through your body as the result of your beating heart.  Really allow yourself to feel these pulsations. What a Wonder is this Life Force within us that simultaneously pulses throughout all space. Now, for as long as you choose – Be inside yourself – Be still – Feel as though you’re listening to silence. Keep relaxing more and more into the stillness. Feel the Wonder. Say “Thank You”.

*I've begun to spell grateful – Greatful – because when we're feeling gratitude, we're full of The Great.