Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The breath of God is in our presence! That's what aloha means. The breath of God is in our presence. Is that not wonderful? Aloha!

Recently my friend, Garnette Arledge, gifted me with "Wise Secrets of Aloha", a book she'd just co-authored with Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim. It has been resonating in my heart and soul ever since. For one thing, about two pages into the book, I wanted to go to Hawaii! Yesterday! I never had that pull before. Garnette's very sensitive writing allowed me to feel the energy of these sacred islands - the fragrant breezes, the lush beauty of the flowers and plant life, the dazzling sunlight, the shimmering blue sea, and the warm, gracious, loving energy that permeates the air there. And her spiritual sensitivity made her the perfect author to bring Kahuna Harry's work to the world. These teachings were so touching to me and so in sync with my spirit that I knew I had to experience this man in person. Last weekend in Buffalo, NY I did just that.

According to Hawaiian traditions, a kahuna is the calm servant of those seeking higher evolution emotionally - "a keeper of the wise secrets" - an accomplished healer. There are several different paths of kahunas. Harry's lineage is the healing kahunas of Lomilomi - touch medicine. This medicine, which is all about comfort, sanctity and safety, comes by direct grace. So beautiful. So loving.

Kahuna Harry is a wondrous man - a large presence in every way - physically, emotionally, spiritually. His heart totally embraces one person or a whole room of people. His laughter is wildly spontaneous - his deep caring and integrity, never in question for a second - the healings attributed to his spirit, too numerous to be told. He teaches people to float in the Universe, trusting the ever-present Higher Self, that part of us that is one with all of life.

And I could go on and on! How laughter is so healing - how humility is great power and essential in healing work - how healing is all about emotional maturity - how gratitude is the most important prayer. Harry says that in Hawaiian traditions people don't beg and plead and supplicate in their prayers. They are so unquestioning of Spirit's constant presence in their lives, they simply say 'thank you'.

Of course, all is suffused with love. How delicious. How relaxed and easeful is this way of being and healing. My heart is full of gratitude for being graced with these de-light-full and sacred teachings. I intend that they become more and more integrated into my own work. As I'm always talking about 'setting the stage' for the body to heal, Kahuna Harry's terminology is 'creating a comfort zone' for healing.

I strongly encourage you to experience "Wise Secrets of Aloha" for yourself. It's currently available at B&N and Amazon. Aloha!