Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Before, After, Forevermore

Before, After, Forevermore

The three products inaugurating Elizabeth Hepburn’s Better & Better Series, are filling a unique and valuable niche. The first two volumes of this DVD/CD series, which feature inspiring music, gorgeous scenery and guided meditations, are designed to promote the optimal results from surgical procedures and the subsequent recuperation period. Volume 3, In the Lap of Luxury, was created for anyone desiring to sustain good health throughout life. ~ ~ ~
Volume 1) Pre-Surgery Healing Support Programs - DVDs & CDs (audio version) Two Better & Better Guidebooks* For Patient and Caregiver

Volume 2) Post-Surgery Healing Support Programs - DVDs & CDs Two Better & Better Guidebooks For Patient and Caregiver

Volume 3) In the Lap of Luxury - DVD and CD Program to sustain radiant health, In The Lap Of Luxury Better & Better Guidebook For Anyone and Everyone*The Better & Better Series Guidebooks contain information designed to support and enhance the experience of the programs.

One of the things that makes Volumes 1 & 2 truly special is that the caregivers have their very own product with the same visuals and music as the patients, but with guided meditations designed to address their specific needs. Clearly during this stressful time, caregivers need healing too. Also, due to the physical separation and the restrictions inherent in hospital protocol, loved ones often feel isolated from each other. The sharing of their individual responses to this inspiriing Better & Better Series material is intended to create a warm and loving bond between them whenever they’re together.

Because the beauty of Nature is such a natural healer, the Pre-Surgery program utilizes the healing, soothing magnificence of the ocean, beach and sky; Post-Surgery, the vibrant and powerful energy of a waterfall in Springtime; and, In the Lap of Luxury, the profound serenity of a beautiful lake.

Multiple Emmy Award-Winning Cinematographer, Bob Collins, is the Director of Photography and Elizabeth’s guided meditations are exquisitely enhanced by the original music of composer, Rick Baitz. Film/Video veteran, Ben Bryant has directed and edited the series, and Eric Brown of Creative Entertainment, Inc. has brought his business acumen, inspiring insights and wondrously enthusiastic spirit to the project.

The products will be distributed through hospitals, health organizations and doctors initially as well as to the end users through traditional retail distribution channels. If as Ralph Waldo Emerson said over a hundred years ago "The first wealth is health", it behooves us all to employ every tool available to restore, when it is challenged, and maintain and ever-expand, when it is present, our experience of vibrant aliveness and well-being. The Better & Better Series is such a resource.